Tamil Nadu Government’s last try in Srilanka issue

The innocent people are being killed in Srilanka in the name of LTTE eradication,this is the allegation made by the Tamil Nadu Politicians.Many political leaders protested against the Srilankan government and nothing happened.Even the DMK chief urged the Indian Government to take action in this issue.But everything failed.Now inorder to pressurize the Central Government, the Tamil Nadu government is finally going to make a last to try to the Indian Government to bring cease fire in Srilanka.The TN CM Mr.Karunanidhi said that, there will be a last request from TN government in this issue in the State assembly.

Everybody rising their voice against the killing of innocent Tamils in LTTE occupied places.Srilanka has already announced that it will go for zero civilian war.But it failed to do so.Thus Indian government should take necessary action to bring cease fire on innocent tamils.I ‘m against LTTE but not against Tamils living in Srilanka.Save our people ..


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