Cure for HPV

Many have heard about the Genital Warts,but not in detail.The research says that more than 20 million people are affected by this Genital Warts.I was suppose to take a seminar in my college about life science.So i chose the topic sexually transmitted diseases.When i was searching for detailed information, i found about HPV(Human papillamo virus).It is a sexually transmitted disease and this virus spreads through a contact with the infected person.This disease occurs in the genital parts of both male and female.Even it occurs in mouth,hand and other parts where we have contact with infected persons.Many might get transmitted through oral sex and so it is not like HIV.Even a touch can infect you.As i said, the Symptoms of Genital Warts are, Red, pink or gray-colored cauliflower-shaped lesions in your genital and anal area that looks raised or flat. These bumps may grow in large clusters and expand into huge masses very rapidly.There are even more symptoms which can be found from the site hyperlinked above.The worst case of genital warts is during pregnancy.With Genital Warts and pregnancy,the women may suffer a lot since in this period the immune system goes very low.It is also been found that the genital warts can be passed on to the newly born child.This disease is curable and the ways to treat this disease can be found from the site.Hope this was informative.


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