Barack Obama-The new President of United States

This day is an historic day as United States is going to have a first black as it President,Barack Obama.The supreme power in economy and in defence United States was under Geroge Bush Administration for two terms and in November it came to an end.Obama won the elections and was elected as the new President of United States.

The recession that is going on now will be the top agenda of Obama. Obama is well prepared to face the problem with economy and hope he will succeed in his preparations.

Obama follows the Lincoln’s way as he moved in Train from Philadelphia to Washington for swearing in ceremony.

The President elect is now the President of United States and the anxiety that was prevailing among the investors in United States will be eradicated and hope the recession recovers in quick session.

Not only global recession,but also Obama has said that He will move the US troops completely from Iraq.


One thought on “Barack Obama-The new President of United States”

  1. I am sooooooooooso happy to be apart of history.To be able to be alive while this wonderful history is being made and like they say the kids like me are the future. Obama is an insperation to alot of kids at my school and to me as well and in another 4 years i hope hes elected as presidnt agian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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