MTC buses burnt in TamilNadu

Yesterday,Mr.Thol Thirumavalavan ended up his hunger strike on request of Mr.Ramadoss.The Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi(VCK) chief after announcing his end of hunger strike,his party members targetted buses all over Tamil Nadu.A Mofusil bus plying from Pondicherry to Chennai was burnt near Tindivanam by the VCK party members.This was happening all over and in connection with this ,15 VCK members were arrested under National Security Act.

After this, a MTC bus was attacked near Koyembedu,route no .M70 by the same VCK members.The mob attacked the bus with stones,bottles and with arms.On seeing this,the passengers ran out of the bus to keep them safe.The driver and conductor of the bus lodged a complaint against the attackers and nearly 10 members were arrested.

Now,it is clearly shown that the hunger strike called by VCK chief was merely for political publicity and not for the sake of Srilankan Tamils.Is it fair that, for saving the Tamil People in Srilankan, the properties here are being damaged and destroyed.I think these people are moving this issue towards politics and not towards humanity.I want to urge to the politcians over here, that we are fighting just for the sake of innocent people being killed over there in Srilanka and not for LTTE.

But politcians and some people here, raising their voice supporting LTTE.That is not good for the Indian governance,since we are also against the violence around the world.

So better think and do what ever you do.Do not provoke people in wrong direction or atleast stop making political dramas.


One thought on “MTC buses burnt in TamilNadu”

  1. You are absolutely right.We somebody hit India in name of Jihad..we are fighting against it.We cannot support LTTE on any circumstance.These stupid politicians are using this situtation to bring themselves into spotlight.If they have the guts go and do these things in Srilanka.Why they are doing these things in India?VCK is simply a stupid party.Thol.Thiruma is useless fellow.When every youngster love come out of these caste barriers,he is reinstating that for his wellness.This guy should punished under the laws.There is no need for these kind of politicians in India anymore.

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