Thirumavalavan may end his hunger strike

And finally its a great political drama.The Chief of Viduthalai chiruthaikal Mr.Thirumavalan who has called on for a hunger strike for indefinite period is now about to quit.He insisted for immediate cease fire in Srilanka and to stop the attacks made on Tamils.Two days he was on hunger Strike and the Chief of DMK,Mr.Karunanidhi has requested Thirumalavan to quit the strike,as the problem will be listened.Moreover, the power minister Mr.Arcot Veeraswami also requested Thirumalavan to call off the stirke.

All these seems to be like a political drama at high level.If really Thirumalavan worries about the care of Srilankan Tamils, he should carry on the strike till the problem is solved.These will not reach the hears of the central government,unless Big heads in Tamil Nadu take action in this issue.Mr.Karunanidhi and its party who seems to be the one end of the Central Government’s Chair can urge the Indian Government to order for a Cease fire in Srilanka.

I guess, it will happen only after the last blood of Srilankan Tamil is shed.


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