Pilot Sullen-America’s new Hero

A tragedy that was about to happen in United States has been averted by the timely action of a Pilot.

The United States Airways Jetliner landed in Hudson river in Newyork.All the 155 passengers have been rescued safely without any major injuries.All this was done because of Pilot Sully.There was an emergency to land because of the failure in engine.The two engines were hit by flock of birds.

Since there was an emergency in landing, the pilot was supposed to land in safe.There was no other option other than,landing on the river Hudson.The air craft was landed safely and all the 155 passengers on board were safe.The passengers were somehow managed to get on the wings of  aircraft after landing and finally everybody have been rescued.

The pilot was hailed by everyone.The President Bush and President elect Obama met the pilot and praised him as a new hero of America.He saved 155 lives and made is life a worthier one.

Hail Sullen!!!!!


One thought on “Pilot Sullen-America’s new Hero”

  1. dnesday, January 21, 2009

    Bird or FOWL????….terroism or terror???
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    Pilot sully of flight u.s. air flight 15 some….out of sight for a week?? found in d.c. being the cool calm hero or maybe just got debriefed by “HOMELAND” security to shut up about the truth that muslim terroist succeeded under George Bush administration to ruin his perfect record of “No More Attacks on U.S. soil.
    If this “Bird Accident” is false than airport security is flawed from within the employees of the airline industry because they can not refuse jobs to people because of religion ;even though the terroist are religious based!! so as long as this “Anti-religious Policy” is in place the terror of Radicle Islam can attack anywhere in the U.S. with the protection of the american law!!!
    How is america going to protect itself when our way of life is used against us by our enemies of christianity and
    If we refuse to set our security at its highest possible level and refuse islamic belivers access to certain jobs ;than we will be sued and the enemy will be funded by Law Suit Money to continue their fight! The koran says “Kill jews and christians where you can find them and you will be rewarde by “Allah”so jiadist will “Go into the land of the enemy and learn thier ways of life and use thier enemies ways of living against them , then when we lock them up and get information so as to protect ourselfs they call this torture and want to be martared to garatee their success with allah and thier religious community.
    Maybe the flight plane A320 french built aircraft is flawed manufactorer and big influence is hidding this so they can get the U.S. military Air Refueling contract in france and the corporation has pay-off at the higheset levels so billions of u.s. dollars can go to france and americans by the thousands will not get jobs in our economy which needs them badly..{Alambama,mobile}
    The “Truth is with the pilot”SULLEY” is he hero or foe?? will we ever know the truth?? why did same aircraft have problems 2 days earlier??? Did birds do this??

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