Satyam Chief’s are in hide out

The IT major Satyam has been in the news for the past one week, because of the fraud committed by the former CEO of Satyam,Raju.He has been arrested and there are conspiracies still at the back of him.Reports saying that,there is a possible chance of Politicians involved  in this scam.

Tomorrow is the hearing for bail petition of Raju and amid all these, the former Satyam Chief admistrators and Chief Officers were flewed to abroad in order to avoid the problems.Their places are forbidden and Investigators are tracing out them.Even this may be a rumour.But because of this, the Satyam Shares plunged down to 19.00.

Satyam made its investors to feel the heat and everybody who have invested are anxious now, anything might happen.The reports say that, there might be chance for Government to takeover Satyam for 2000 crores.If it so happens, then the Shares may see action.It is best to buy Satyam shares at this moment.


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