Will Srilanka provide Prabhakaran to India?

The LTTE Chief Prabhakaran who is hiding in Srilanka right now is wanted by India in the case of assasination of Rajiv Gandhi.Srilankan government is furious to destroy the LTTE camps and to capture the Chief Prabhakaran.They are progressing and within a matter of weeks Prabhakaran could fall into the trap.
Amidst all these,India has requested the Srilankan government that,If Prabhakaran is captured, then he should be extradited to India.According to Geneva treaty,Srilanka has to extradite Prabhakaran if captured alive.
The situation now prevailing in Srilanka can result in the capturing of LTTE chief soon.
But hope Srilanka will not do this as,Prabhakaran has got lot of support here in India,especially in South India.Whomever it is killing innocent people should be punished to death.Violence leads to death..


One thought on “Will Srilanka provide Prabhakaran to India?”

  1. I second that. Prabhakaran has killed thousands of tamils, sinhalese and muslims in Sri Lanka. These innocent people’s lives are no less significant than that of Rajiv Ghandi who is although a very important person, only one man. Therefore he must be tried in Sri Lanka.

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