Israel into the Gaza strip

The Israel forces are striking in Gaza strip for the past one week.There was a constant attack by Palestines too.The Israel’s air strike in Gaza killed many lives and still killing.A strike on a School in Gaza killed more than 5 five school children and many injured.The Hamas is taking cover behind the people andso it becomes difficult for Israel to make a zero civilian killed operation.Moreover United States has said that the Hamas is  more dangerous than the people who involved in Mumbai terror attack.

The Gaza strip is facing thunder right now with Israel’s attack.The Ground attack has also started and the Israelian troops are into the Yungis khan which is considered to be the important part of Gaza.

The world needs peace right now.Asia needs to be united.But we among ourselves are fighting against each other.India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine,Iraq and other nations;Only if these problems are solved,we can become like Europe.It s the matter of development and everyone should understand that.


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