India gives evidence to Pakistan

After the Mumbai math, India and other nations around the world Pressurizes Pakistan to extradite the people who involved in Mumbai attack,to India.But Pakistan was continously asking for the Proof,to prove that Pakistan had a hand in this attack.

Now, India has given lot of evidence and atlast India has given the video footage of  Terrorists attacking and communicating with Pakistan’s base.Moreover,these videos have been produced to other nations as well.

Apart from all this, the Paksitan President Asif Ali Zardari has a visit to United States on January 20th,It is said that the President elect Barack Obama will warn Zardari about terrorism taking in charge from Pakistan.Obama has already said that Pakistan will be punished if terrorism continues there.

Whatever it is,Pakistan is very clear that,they wont let their nation down and will not produce the mumbai culprits to India.Whatever we do,Pakistan wont provide the people we have asked for,unless we take action and arrest them.


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