Kilinochchi Captured-Srilankan Army defeats LTTE

The long battle between LTTE and Srilankan Government is going to end as the Srilankan Army is furious to take over the full Srilanka in Control.The LTTE is facing the serious attacks and not able to defend themselves.

According to the Srilankan Official report,The Srilankan troops have captured the military base and Political Administration place of LTTE-Kilinochchi.The fight over here lasted for more than weeks.It has been said that both the sides faced heavy losses but atlast it was LTTE that has retreat.Kilinochchi has been captured twice by LTTE and from 1998 it was under its control.But now the whole has been taken into the control by Srilanka.

The President of Srilanka Rajapakse has said that “this victory for our nation is against Terrorism and racism”.He also said that”We’ve won and will win”.

Immediately after his speech,there was an attack made by the LTTE suicide bomber at Srilankan air force.One airman killed and 29 injured.The LTTE regime is gradually depleting and guess it would be all over in matter of months..It is obvious that LTTE is in defence mode and they dont have enough weapons to fight upon the Srilankan attack.The curfew imposed in the Indian Ocean has restricted them to have supplied weapons.Moreover the manpower has been reduced.The President of Srilanka has said that this will be the last chance for LTTE to surrender their weapons and themselves to the Srilankan Government.

Moreover the LTTE Chief Prabhakaran is hiding out in different places and definitely he knows that its all over by now as no one really supporting them.But everything is in the hands of India.If India gets into action ,then definitely this war could be ended.But India will not interfere in this because,Our nation is also against Terrorism.

LTTE is not a terrorist organisation,but a liberalisation before.But now their actions seems to be like other terrorist groups, as they are killing the innocent people by suicide attacks.War is not the solution for any problem, rather it creates more problems.Weapons cannot speak, but a humanity can speak.Let the world know the result of LTTE.This might be the same for other organisations that are supporting the terrorism and extremism.

World requires peace and it lacks in it.

I’m really sorry if this post hurts the feelings of Tamil Eelam.But this is the fact.Your voice can be heard now by all over the world.So why more war and killings.Have a talk and find a resolution.


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