Australia Lost to South Africa-Its all over


The Australians Dominance in World of Cricket has been put on a pause as they face two consecutive losses against the Proteas(South Africa).The match played between the two nations in Melbourne has ended today with joyful mood, as South Africa did it again.After winning the first match in Perth they showed a splendid effort in Melbourne despite the first day’s performance.South Africa won by nine wickets. Smith and its team clinched the series.It was an historic win as Australia lost their first home series after 16 years.Now Ponting will definitely feel the pressure on him as his team lost in India as well in their home ground too.The most saddening thing for Australia is their players injuries and bad forms.Hayden ,Symonds and Lee are completely out of form and now Shane watson is out for six months due to back injury.

Many critics has said that Ponting still sets the field as he did for Shane Warne and McGrath.There are new players and he has to act according to that.The Australians are feeling the heat.The Indian controversial player Harbhajan Singh has said that any team in the w0rld can beat the world Champions Australia, as they lost their rhythm in wins.

This year was real bad for Australian Cricket.Lets see what happens in 2009…


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