2008-An overview

2008-Started as a beautiful and prosperous year.Till march it was really good as markets were on all time peak and not much trouble with terrorism.But the global crisis started from June and still going on.The world is facing the worst ever crisis and majorly hit was the banking sectors and IT giants.Many layoffs and hold in hiring by the companies.These things will really make people to hate the year 2008 .Apart from this terrorism has shown its new level.Early this year,Pakistan’s Presdential nominee Benazir Bhutto was brutally killed in an election rally by terrorists.India suffered a lot in 2008 even the whole world.Serial blasts all over India in a period of months.

Bangalore,Jaipur,Ahmedabad,Delhi,Malegoan,Assam,J&K,Lucknow,Kolkata all these states became victims of terrorism during the year 2008.Our intelligence failed in all these occasions.But after all these attacks Mumbai attack during November 26/2008 was unforgettable and terrorists took Mumbai under siege.Many lost their lives and finally the assault came to an end after three days of operation.After this the tension between the two countries,India and Pakistan.India may strike on Pakistan at anytime and Pakistan is fully prepared for this.Who knows the same thing may continue in the next year also.

There wasnt green this year, but red all over.Even in markets, blood bath.During January the sensex points reached over 20000 mark and now it is going below 9500.Look at the difference.Major  companies are hit by recession.In Automobile industry Tata felt the heat.As they shifted the Nano project from WestBengal to Gujarat, they lost nearly 1500 crores.The world’s smallest car is expected to come on market in 2009.After all in 2008, Mr.George Bush’s period is over and Obama won the U.S Elections and became the first Black President of United States.

To come with 2009,it is going to be a prosperous year, as Mr.Bush’s Presidency period is over and Obama is going to be in the oval office.Barack Obama has got some plans to improve the economy and hopefully the world will find a solution soon.Morover the IT companies in India are expecting that the 2009 could be the decider of IT companies future.

Bye 2008….Happy new year.


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