LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is on the run

Real bad time for LTTE has been started.Capturing most of the LTTE territories,Srilankan Army is furious to sweep all the parts of LTTE.The key territories have been taken under control by Srilankan Army and the attack on LTTE is from all the four sides.According to the Intelligence reports,the LTTE chief is on the run to find a safe hiding place and and shifting his place in a quick session as the Srilankan Army is progressing quickly.Moreover,there are even reports saying that LTTE Chief would have been injured seriously in the Airstrikes made by the Srilankan Airforce.

The Air force Wing commander,Nanayakkara said that the MI 24 and choppers are targeting the important hiding places of LTTE and its chief.And also said that they made a strike in LTTE’s boat modifying place and in dense forest where Prabhakaran could be hidden.

It is really sad that the organisation,which was the only thing to rise the voice for the Tamils is gradually going towards its destiny.Infact, LTTE has not shown any resistance as of now when compared to their previous wars.May be they could have got a different strategy.But this is late and LTTE is losing thier way.If this attack on LTTE is continued they might be washed out completely within months.

The Tamil Nadu Leaders have requested the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to send Pranab Mukherjee to Srilanka and  urge him to stop the war that is going on.Many would think that the TN leaders are supporting the LTTE.But thats not the fact, we are(TN ppl and TN leaders) against the attack on the innocent people.Many Srilankan Tamils who considered to be the anchestral tamils are being killed brutally and even the Childrens have been killed.If really the Srilankan Government has mercy with them left, they should go for unilateral precision strikes and zero civilian killed operation.

The LTTE is attacked and this is a very good example for the people who want the solution with the weapons.Carrying weapons will not find a sloution rather increases the problem.This will be the same as in the case of Terrorist organisation rooted all over the world.I’m not comparing LTTE with other terrorist organisations.AL-Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba are worse and should not be compared with LTTE.Since LTTE has got only one mission and fighting for Tamil Rights.

Tamil Vazhga,Tamilanum Vazhga…


One thought on “LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is on the run”

  1. LTTE is not fighting for Tamil rights. The LTTE has done more damage to the Tamil people in the last 30 years. If not for the LTTE, Sri Lanka and the Tamil people will be prosperous like singapore

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