UP Engineer M.K.Gupta brutally murdered.

It is very sad to see that, India is losing its control in its Domestic ati-social activities.On one end there are people to serve the nation at the cost of their lives and in on another end, innocent people are being killed just to celebrating the leader’s birthday party.Isn’t this an ultimate arrogance in Uttar Pradesh?

Yes, the Public works department Officer,Mr.M.K.Gupta has been burtally mudered just for not paying the donation for celebrating the birthday of the BSP leader Mayawati.The BSP MLA Shekhar Tewari has been arrested since he had the connection with the murder.Mr.Gupta is an innocent man and he was killed for mere money.

Now,The leader of BSP,Mayawati and UP CM is back tracking in this issue and she is saying that whoever has committed mistake will be punished.Moreover she didnot order for CBI enquiry for this crime.I think if there isnt any CBI probe in this issue, then the case will sealed with no proper evidence and proceedings.Mayawati seems to be in the Chair of Chief Minister just for her sake and her party sake.Her activities for the past 3 months is not fair and she is opening statues of her own all over in Uttar Pradesh and campaigning that she is gonna be the next Prime Minister of India.Definitely if she becomes Prime Minister of India, then for sure there she will open her statues all over India and will make her mark.

However,Mayawati knows that she is in real pressure since her oppostion parties are storming into this issue and hopefully this case will not be dropped in any occasion.The BSP MLA has to be fired and severe action should be taken against him.We are Indians, mind that, and our mercy has limits for Politicians who are commiting mistakes.


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