World bank bans Satyam

One of leading IT exporters in India,Satyam services is facing a huge crisis now.Satyam computers were doing a very big project for the world bank for five years and they were maintaining it.It has been said in early February, that world bank has banned Satyam from its services and no more funds to Satyam.But these reports were kept quiet and remained silenced everywhere.But now it has been confirmed that, an senior official from World bank has said that Satyam has been banned for 8 years by world bank and there will not be any projects to Satyam here after.After all, there is also ban in India, saying that Satyam would not get any direct projects for the next two years.All these were done because,some personnel’s of Satyam had placed a code in world bank’s, such that they can hack the world bank.In fact it happened and datas of the world bank has been stolen.The Satyam is on fire and the employees working over there should think about their job from now.Any thing can happen at anytime.
Because of this ban on satyam, it created lot of opportunities for other IT exporters.
A big downfall amidst the global crisis..


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