India claims no.2 in Test cricket

After Australia,India tamed England in test cricket.The two match series ended up yesterday in mohali.The match was a draw and India clinched the series with 1-o(victory in Chennai).England was to blame no one since they too played well in this series.The aggressiveness of Indian players on the field made them to prove that they are strong.

Though it may be a disappointing for  India that they missed the chance of winning the second test match, they would be definitely happy with proceedings in the team’s performance.

With a win in this series,India moved up to second spot in ICC test ratings.The goal for India is to be in number 1 spot,said the Cheif of the selectors.South AFrica is in Third place and they are favorites to retain their second spot since they won the first Test match against Australia in Perth.After the series between Southafrica and Australia the ratings maybe revised.Who knows , south africa could be on top also.

Congrats to India and its coolest Captain Dhoni for claiming the second spot in Test rankings.


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