India Struggling in second innings.

With decent score in First innings India possibly bundled English players within 302 in Day 4.Initially, the start of the play was delayed due to fog and the play started after  75 minutes from the usual time.After this the english players lost their wickets in quick session and Indian’s came into bat for their second innings.Sehwag got out before he was about to start.It was unfortunate for sehwag since he was got runout.Next was the hero of first innings Dravid,failed to score a run.With loss of two wickets early in the day,Sachin was expected to bridge the gap.But he too failed to score.So India lost 3 wickets within 63 runs.Thenafter there was a slow partnership between Laxman and Gambhir and they managed to score some 35 runs from there.When ending towards the day’s play,India lost their fourth wicket and it was laxman to go.On the crease Gambhir and Yuvraj singh living dangerously and they will try to maximize the score tomorrow morning since it s the last day of the game.

The match is heading towards a draw or India could possibly win the game.But it is difficult for England to comeback from this place and mark a win.

But Cricket is a place where you cannot predict anything.Lets  see what happens tomorrow.


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