Australian dominance over

Yesterday’s loss against South Africa in Perth made Aussies to feel bad about their position in world cricket.They were on top last year and it was India which started to intiate the declination of Aussies dominance in world cricket.It started early this year January and Australia lost to India in Perth (WACA) where they were the only favourites to win the game.

Many senior players of other nations said that the Aussies dominance in world cricket is over and it is now that, whoever has the capacity to beat Australia,they can make it easier with little more effort.

The captaincy under Ricky Ponting is questioned.But in Australia’s history of Cricket Ricky Ponting is the most successful captain all time.Ricky has also joined the 10000 runs club and he is seventh among the world to do so.

Atlast, Australia is no more on top and equally strong along with other nations in cricket and their monopoly will be stopped…

The number 1 position is going to be lost for Australians.


One thought on “Australian dominance over”

  1. Graeme Smith’s team seems to have taken a leaf out of India’s book to find ways to humble the Aussies in their own den. The tussle for the top ranked team tag is now betwwn India and SA.

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