India tour to Pakistan called off

The Mumbai terror attack has been taken into a big issue and the tense situation is prevailing between the two countries India and Paksitan.Both countries are charging each other.In the mean while,the India’s tour of Pakistan in Cricket has called off by Indian authorities due to security reason and tense situation between the nations.The BCCI officials announced this after discussing with the external affairs Minister and officials.These type proceedings by India clearly shows that they are completely against terrorism and nation supporting it.The calling off tour is clear sign to Pakistan saying that there will be non-cooperation by India to Pakistan in anyother issues.PCB offcials also discussing about the players participation in IPL next year.

Because of one attack everything is spoiled.Usually it is rain to spoil the sport, but now even terrorism spoils the sports.This should be stopped and both the nations should sit and talk about the issues, there should be cooperation from both ends.Pakistan should consider in this issue and should take action against the people who are involved in the attack.


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