IT jobs getting tougher..

The current global economic recession has made the huge impact on the Indian domestic sectors and the majorly worried people are from the Software industries.The Current talk among the employees of software industries were,”Dont know who is the next scape goat?”,”Did you check your mail?”,”Freshers not allowed”:,No opening in IT companies”,IT is in sick..These words and sentences really worries the student who have got placed and waiting for their date of Joining.

The Engineering students of the year 2008 have still not been called by the companies whom they have been hired.There are many people sitting at home and waiting for the call from their respective companies.But the current scenario is unpredictable and anything can happen at anytime and people have to face everything.

Most of the revenues for IT companies are coming from United States and the clients of IT companies are from United States.But now the clients have made a hold on their projects and the IT companies in India are suffering from lack projects.Workers have been reduced consistently and the man power is reducing.There was also a alarm given by United States that, the future IT is based on China.This is the biggest threat to India.

But as China is also one of the rivalries of US,this could not happen.The Students who have taken the IT as major in their Graduation are the ultimate sufferers.To urge them,whatever you do there isnt  any opening in big companies unless you get placed through campus recruitments.That too your Date of Joining is tentative.So Students start doing something useful and since there is lot of opening in Web Designing, it is better to learn Web designing.

So think of your future and act according to that.The recovery from this recession could take a longer period and it is better for us to face the challenge which is kept infront of us.


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