National Investigation Anti-Terror law bill has been passed in Parliament

India famous for politics and some Politicians famous for corruption.

After Mumbai Terror attack,the Indian government has decided to strengthen the laws against the terrorism and extremism.Today the Home Minister P.Chidambaram has proposed the bill and introduced it in Parliament.There was two bills introduced and before it being passed the opposition parties started to oppose that.This is ridiculous, whatever it is, the politicians are making it political and we the people are ultimate sufferers.Infact BJP has opposed this law before the Home Minister announcing it.Remember,some BJP leaders came to Mumbai on next day of Terror attack and made statements politically.These are to be condemned.They are aware that media is watching them and inspite of that,they are still surviving in Politics because of their followers, who are blind about the Political parties policies and actions.

According to this law,no foreigner who has been charged with terrorism will be allowed to get a bail.Also in it the people who are raising funds for Terrorism will be punished strongly,no matter whatever their status is.Now India has learned a lesson as US did and hope our Intelligence gets stronger and cracks down the attacks of Terrorists.

India still the safest place to live in and in future it will not be the safest place for the politicians whose attitude is to make money through politics.


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