India to provide evidence to Pakistan

After the terrible terror attack on Mumbai, the offices of External Affairs has been busy in  both the countries.Indian External Ministry has confirmed the participation of Pakistan in this attack.But Pakistan denies these allegations and want the evidence to prove that there is a Pakistan involvement in this issue.

India has got the evidence and the External Affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee has said that India will provide the evidence to Pakistan after all the investigations are over.This will be a good response to Paksitan and hope their ugly face will tear off quickly.

Moreover,External Affairs Minister Pranab has said that the action took by Pakistan against the Jamat-ud-Dawat organisation is just an eyewash, and also said that there is  a chance of new organisation developing in the place , with new name but with same old faces.

India has faced the worst terror attack and with support from United States India can even take military action against them.But that is not the attitude of we Indians.We know the value of Life.Whomever it may be, the human being is invaluable one in this world.

But Paksitan has to know that, even Mercy has some limits.

Jai hind!!


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