Rab ne bana de Jodi movie review


The SRK’s dashing movie Rab ne bana de Jodi has hit the big screens today with good expectations.SRK’s name in the film is Surendra and the Actress name is Taanya.

The film starts with the marriage of Surender and Taanya.But taanya will not be fully committed to the marriage since her expected husban was not Surender.SRK’s look as Surender will be like a arthodox person,not showing much interest in Life.After marriage both of them lives in the same house but at different beds.

SRK will think about to impress Taanya, but not with the look of  Surender.So he takes another role as Raj,a Punjab person behaving in a smart manner.The whole film is taken in Punjab.Taanya and Raj will take part in Jodi no 1 contest in Amritsar and both will become partners in the Dance competition.Raj will try to impress Taanya,but at one stage when he proposes to Taanya,she says that she is a married woman.Not being a big suprise to raj since she has been married to the another part of Raj,Surender.

But at one stage Taanya falls in love with Raj and proposes him.Thenafter understanding the love within the character Surender,She apologises to Raj and joins with Surender.

The movie is wuite complicate to understand in words,but more complicate to watch in theatres.Since it is a slow moving film.Same issues will be repeated again and again.

The songs are good and the style of acting by SRK remains the same.The way he acts like a Punjabi youngster was really fantastic.His body language will be completely like a punjabi character.

On the whole, the movie can be seen once.Slow movie with not much masala.The rating for this movie is 



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