Greece riots-third day

The European nation Greece is under fire and experiencing the worst ever riot in the country.The problem aroused because of a death of a fifteen year old boy and it continues till date.The fight between the police and the youth erupted and fire broke out all over the place.The Greece capital Athens is also subjected to attack and screaming and howling was said to be all over the places.The Greece minister authorities have said that there wont be any negotiations with the protestors and also said that Whatever should be done will be done.Thirty-five cars and 160 trash containers also had been set ablaze.People hurled the streets of Athens and were throwing gasoline bombs at police.The matter is getting serious and police rounded up twenty people under custody.In a nationally televised address broadcast on state television, Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis condemned the violence and promised to punish those responsible for Saturday’s shooting.

He also announced a decision to drop plans to reimburse business owners affected by the rioting.

The police officer who fired the fatal shot has been charged with “manslaughter with intent” and suspended from duty, police said, adding that a second police officer was arrested Saturday on criminal accessory charges.

Government officials have condemned the shooting.

“An investigation is under way and those found responsible with be punished,” said Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos. “Measures will also be taken to avoid such incidents again in the future.”


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