Pakistan takes action against Lashkar-e-Taiba

The pressure mounted on Pakistan by both India and United States made them to act very fast on the people who master minded the Terror attack in Mumbai.According to reports it has been said that the Pakistan Army captured some Laskhar-e-taiba camps in Paksitan Occupied Kashmir.In this action the master mind behind the Mumbai Terror attack Zakir-ul-Rehman has been arrested by the Paksitan army.It also been said that the militants burnt nearly 160 US and Pakistan army vehicles.This action against the Let camps seems to be good news to India but it is not, unless they extradite the captured terrorists to India.The terrorists can easily get out of prison using the loop holes and there will not be any true investigation in Paksitan.This is being said because the master mind behind the India Parliament attack Mohammed Azhar has been arrested by Paksitan and kept house arrested for 10 months and released.That showed that the conviction against him was just an eyewash.

Even this action against the Let Camps is seems to be done for India’s Satisfaction.It has to be noted that the Let camps has been destroyed only after India giving the solid proof to Paksitan on Mumbai attacks.Even US gave the same.After this they have no other choice other than to take action against the people who involved in the Mumbai attack.

Hope India will surely ask for their extradition of these arrested people.However the tension between these two countries may be slowed down from now on;War is not the only solution for everything.


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