Obama warns on present Economic condition

The President elect Obama has said that the economy of the current situation may go to worsen state before it recovers.The dark cloud around the global economy will be cleared only after it rains.He also stated the his plans after taking oath in White House will be in effect soon.The economic conditions will come to stable and then it will improve slowly, he added.The plan “equal to the task” will definitely said to have a good impact on United States economy.Obama also said that the economy recovery will not happen in soon and it will take time.This worries the investors and the companies.But his first job is to reduce the unemployment in United States which is now at 6.7 percent,all time high.Last month alone US faced 5,33,500 job cuts and many are worried still.The words of Obama should really make them energetic since they all dependent on their new President elect Barack Obama.I am absolutely confident that if we take the right steps over the coming months, that not only can we get the economy back on track, but we can emerge leaner, meaner and ultimately more competitive and more prosperous,” Obama told reporters in Chicago as he introduced retired Gen. Eric Shinseki as his choice to head the Veterans Affairs Department.”Thinking about the diversity of our culture and inviting jazz musicians, and classical musicians, and poetry readings in the White House so that once again we appreciate this incredible tapestry that’s America, you know, that, I think, is going to be incredibly important, particularly because we’re going through hard times,” Obama said.”And historically what has always brought us through hard times is that national character, that sense of optimism, that willingness to look forward, that sense that better days are ahead.”


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