Congress wins in the Assembly elections

The 5 State assembly election results have been announced today and Congress gains its hand in it.Congress registers victory in Delhi,Rajasthan,Mizoram.This was a  direct clash between BJP and Congress in four states.The congress did a commendable job by winning in Rajasthan.BJP is clearly upset with the election results.

It has been said that the handling of Mumbai terror attack by BJP political manner was not fair and this reflected in the election results.

The congress workers celebrated this victory and enjoyed ..Hope congress will continue this in Lok Sabha elections too


One thought on “Congress wins in the Assembly elections”

  1. first of all, congress’ delhi victory was a hollow one considering that it was a referrendum to delhi cm sheila dixit not to the nehru-gandhi clan. these votes will vaporise in the upcoming lok sabha elections, since there will be no sheila factor.

    in rajasthan the bjp govt was facing anti incumbency, and also infighting. even so, congress failed to secure a simple majority. if bjp gets its house in order, congis will go poof in raj.

    interestingly , you dont mention the most resounding victory, that of BJP in MAdhya Pradesh.

    “Hope congress will continue this in Lok Sabha elections too”

    dream on buddy!!!

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