India’s war on Pakistan


The tension between the two countries is running high and anything might happen at anytime.After the Mumbai Attacks,India has clearly said that there was an involvement of Pakistan in these attacks.India also asked for some 20 terrorists residing in Pakistan to be arrested and handed over to India.But Pakistan refused to do so.

US secretary of states Condoleezza rice and US senator John McCain met the President of  Pakistan and urged him to cooperate with India in the investigation.But till now Pakistan is not showing any sign of  cooperation.

United States also cleared the way for India to make an attack on Pakistan,saying that India is in same position as they were in 9/11.India has the full rights to take military action against Pakistan said President elect Obama.

Actually the thing is,even though Pakistan has been announced as a democratic country,still the control is with their Army.That is why Mr.Zardari initilaly saying that he would send ISI chief to India,denied later.This is because Mr.Zardari was pressurized by Pak Army and he was insisted to review his plans.Pakistan Army is doing such things because they are getting lot of funds through this.It started from the Soviet’s attack on Afghanistan.America was funding Taliban and providing weapons to them.This was made possible by Pakistan Army.This is the reason why Pakistan is still under the control of its Army.

Moreover, there was a hoax call to President Zardari in the name of Pranab Mukherjee(External Affairs Minister of India) saying that India is going to attack Pakistan.According to Pakistan Officials the call came from New Delhi External Affairs ministry.But when asked about this to Pranab,He said that he was not in Delhi when the called was made.He was in Kolkata.After that Mr.Pranab said that all these statements from Pakistan was to get the support of world nations.

Pakistan is trying to divert the current situation.But whatever it may, India has to think about the military action against Pakistan.Since the current Economic situation is worse, and if the war has been announced,then it would go more worse.So all those should be taken into account and the decision should be taken accordingly.Apart from everything Our nation’s  security and integrity is important.


2 thoughts on “India’s war on Pakistan”

  1. Ofcourse our economy is not good at this time…..but we can’t let them(pakistan) to do such things(like mumbai attack) agin……for that war is must and should…….

  2. All what I have figured out from this present episode is that India is very much fond of exposing its arse to the flying cocks. It should be very much clear in everybody’s minds that this time its gonna be disaster for both India and Pakistan as both are nuclear states and Pakistan’s survival is vested only in its nuclear strength, otherwise there is no match between the two. So when Pakistan will be sinking, it will surely take India with it under the deep waters.

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