Pakistan denies the evidence

After Mumbai attacks ,the Indian government has strongly condemned the attacks and after cracking down the terror plot,it has been said that,there is a clear hand of Pakistan in this attack.It is said that terrorists came from Pakistan trained in Let camps.But the Pakistan Government continously denied this allegation and said that there is no proof that pakistan involved in this attack.

Yesterday the US secretary of states Condoleezza Rice came to India and assured that US will show the solidarity towards India against the Terrorist attacks.Today she went to Pakistan and asked the Pakistan President Zardari to show full cooperation in the investigation to India.Nodding the head over there,Mr.Zardari has said that Pakistan will not send the 20 wanted list given by India and if guilt is found on them, they will sentence them over there itself in Pakistan.But that would not be fair.These statements made India to be aggressive.Now the proof for the Pakistan’s involvement in this attack has been provided to Pakistan and now they are saying that the proof is not a genuine one and is a false.

Pakistan is continously denying the cooperation with India,clearly stating conspiracy behind the terror plot.Moreover during investigation the satellite phones used by the terrorists were found.According to officials,these satellite phones cannot be used by a normal person or by a terrorist.These satellite phones are to be used by a skilled military personnel and they should be professionalised in that.

So terrorists may had some support from a strong side.We cannot disclose any thing accusing a government in a public forum.Many are accusing that Pakistan is becoming the epicenter of Terrorism and even Obama has criticised about Pakistan’s stand on Terrorism.However Pakistan has said that they will not allow the terrorists inside their country and will continue with talks -India.

Pakistan needs to show that they are diplomatic personnels and they are too against the terror around the globe.On one hand we people of world fighting against the Global Warming, but the biggest threat is Terrorism which has rooted in all countries.The safetiness of people have been lost.


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