Bollywood also hit by the economic slow down

The Global meltdown in Economy affected all the sectors and even the cine field too got affected.As a result of this the actor will have to face a pay cut and the big budget projects will be slowed down.Many actors of Bollywood got more salary by corporate boom and now they have to revise their salaries.

Shah rukh khan got much salary and now it is obivious that he could too have pay cuts.While multi-crore, multi-film deals have been put on backburners by corporate companies and it seems like an uphill task for actors, the importance of big stars and grand cinema cannot be undermined. With mushrooming multiplexes all over the country, super stars and super cinema will continue to rule. As of now, we do not know of a single instance where a star has gone back on his contract and corrected his remuneration. No one has been really “cut to size” so far!

So this economic turmoil will continue for some months and the present situation might go even worse.So we can expect the reduction in the number of films being produced.


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