Row between Kerala Chief Minister Achuthanandan and Major Unnikrishnan’s Father

I salute and the Nation salutes the bravery of the people who sacrificed their lives during the war on Terrorists.They saved our lives and made us safe from Terrorists.Really they are the heroes.

After the funeral of the Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan,the brave heart of NSG commando the Kerala Chief Minister Achuthanandan went to his place for showing his sign of condolence to his family.But unexpectedly,Major’s Father got angry on seeing the CM’s arrival to his home, he made a strong statement to CM and asked him to move out of his place.This was really unexpected by the Kerala Chief Minister.Immediately the place was emptied and all the officials went off from that place.It has been said that Major’s Father didnot want any Politician to visit his house nor say condolence to his son.It has been said that the Kerala Government didnot pay any respect to his beloved son’s death.

After this,the frustrated Kerala Chief Minister said that even a dog wont visited his place if it was not Mojar Unnikrishnan’s house.This statements ignited all over Kerala and protests started against the Kerala CM.In Kerala State Assembly  the opposition parties protested against the Kerala CM.

Now the CM has said that, he never said like that and he respects the Majors family.But he also said that he wont make an apologise to this issue.


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