Condoleezza Rice Shows her solidarity to India-India’s 9/11

The whole world is shocked over the Terror attack on Mumbai.It has been said that this attack on 26/11 is similar to the US 9/11.Many nations condemned the attack and showed their support to India.India continously points out that Pakistan has involved in this issue.But Pakistan refused these allegations and denied sending ISI chief to India which was earlier accepted.

Now as a part of United States,Condoleeza Rice came to India and said that United States will support India at the maximum.She also urged Pakistan to show full cooperation in this investigation.It is clear that United States mounts pressure on Pakistan in this issue.Rice also showed her solidarity in this issue supporting India.She also said that they have learnt a lot from 9/11 and this attack is a brand of Al-Qaeda attack.

Before this,the US President elect Obama has said that India has full rights to take action against Pakistan.This statement made worse for Pakistan and made them to send troops to the border.But India’s external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee has said that there will not be any military action against Pakistan.This statement shows that Indians have hearts and they respect the lives of the human beings.

The whole world is supporting India and so the Pakistan should co-operate in this issue and the list of Terrorists demanded by India who are living in Pakistan should be brought into Indian custody and they should be screwed up.


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