Sachin Tendulkar lost his sleep during mumbai attacks

The whole nation was saddened by the Mumbai attacks.The day when the attack took place,there was a match between India and England and India won the cricket match in Cuttack but lost many lives in Mumbai.

The little master who made many bowlers to lose their sleep through his batting,had said that he didnot sleep the whole night when the attack took place.He said he was watching the whole thing through television and was saddened about the thing happened.Sachin from Mumbai said that this attack is not on Mumbai but on India.He honoured the people who sacrificed their lives during the battle between terrorists.He saluted them.Tendulkar also said that because of these things there wont be any difference in India’s approach towards to terrorism and there will be more steps taken to scrutiny them.

He also said that he hopes for the smooth test series between India and England.


One thought on “Sachin Tendulkar lost his sleep during mumbai attacks”

  1. Mumbai attacks are the real revelation. It’s good to see citizens on the
    streets at this massive scale. However, we’ll have to see how long we,
    the common citizens, can stick together and find concrete solutions to
    the immediate problems. Please check the video to see the reactions.

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