Karunanidhi and Maran joins again.

The family feud between the Maran Family and Karunanidhi has been solved today.The steps taken by Alagiri and Stalin made them to stand beside Karunanidhi.

Dayanidhi maran who has been forced to step down from the Cabinet post because of his anti-social activities made the rift between the DMK chief’s family and Maran family.Also in the recent interview the DMK chief has announced that,it really worries as his grand childerns are hitting back towards him

The rift happened between them was because of the surveys that has been published in the Dinakaran Newspaper run down by Maran.It has been said that, main reason for the feud was Alagiri.

However,now by the steps taken by M.K.Alagiri and M.K.Stalin,both the Marans met Karunanidhi and got his blessings.The sign clearly showed that they are back into the Party and also in the DMK chief’s heart.

DMK has become much stronger now since they got the two big media’s(kalaignar TV and Sun Tv) on their side.Of which the latter one really helped the DMK to win the assembly elections.

So all the family problems are being insisted into politics.Whats going on really?????


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