Dhoni resigns!


The Captain of Indian Cricket Team and the top ranked ODI batsmen has made a break out that he is going to resign from the captaincy.These were the speculations of the media and they got a nice stuff to put into their breaking news column.

According to media reports it has been said that Dhoni has submitted the resignation letter to the BCCI, since he was dissatisfied with the selection committee for selecting Irfan Pathan,sitting out R.P.Singh. It has been said Dhoni complained about this and threatened to quit his captain postion.

But all these reports were denied by Dhoni and he clarified that there is no rift between him and the selection commitee members.Dhoni also lashed out media for publishing such news without any concrete source.Dhoni said whenever a Selection meeting happens, something breaks out from media, which will not be happened in the meeting.While talking about this,Dhoni was interrupted by a reporter.The reporter told him that they got the source and it was a phone call from the cricket related person.Immediately Dhoni asked for the name of the person who made the call and he said that it would be great for Indian Cricket to know such persons and evacuated from Cricket.

He said, because of these issues there will be lack of trust among the players and the morale of the team cloud be shattered. R.P Singh and Irfan Pathan , both are important to him, he added.

These rumours through media will definitely affect the atmosphere in the dressing room and will make a great impact on the field.


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