The Indian Navy Ship Attacks the Somalian Pirate Ship Mother Vessel


The Attacks by the Pirates in the African continent continues and the Somalian Pirates are living dangerously.The Ships that are moving towards the African continent through canal are being hijacked by the Pirates of Somalia and by this year nearly 79 attacks have been done and mostly everything has been successful.Recently the Stolt Valor ship has been hijacked and the pirates demanded for a ransom.The Indian navy ship arrived the place.According to the ministry, the hostages of the Stolt Valor has been released for a ransom of 20 crores.Now after this the ship from Iran containing wheat, supertanker has been hijacked by the pirates and knowing this the Indian Navy went on with a attack on these pirates.According to the reports it has been said that the Indian Navy blazed away the Pirate ship”Mother Vessel” and with hope that the ship had sank.Two boats were fired up and navals say they belong to pirates.

Initially there was some movements in the deck with mens having their guns and grenades in their hands.Seeing this the Indian Navy took action and finally it was a victory for the Indian Navy.But not the end of the pirate attack.There may be more after this.The Somalian Prime Minister has said that necessary steps are being taken in order to prevent the attacks of the Pirates.

The reason for these attacks is the unemployment and poverty prevailing in most of the african continents.The Somalian pirates are recieving the ransom through some agents.

These pirate attacks should be stopped immediately.The waters in this area are considered to be the dangerous ones in the world.Security concerns should be reconsidered and the ships should have more security inorder to prevent these attacks.


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