Sun Microsystems to slash 6000 jobs


For the past 45 days whenever you turn on the newspaper or the TV channels , you can get to know that some or other company slashing the jobs and stop hiring the employees.All because of the economic recession prevailing globally.After Yahoo,Goldman Sachs,Tata,Satyam,Wipro and more companies slashing the jobs-On a series of these companies the leading software giant Sun Microsystems has decided to slash 6000 jobs that is 18 percent cut off in jobs globally will be in effect soon.This announcement made the employees to have a feel of butterflies flying inside their stomach.Each and every IT major has been facing the crisis and they are now involved in the cost cutting strategies.As a part of that the companies are sacking their employees and trying to make the company in safest position in financial side.

If this is the status of the leading company like Sun Micro systems, then think about the companies which are dependent on these companies and companies run on the annual projects.

The economic recession can be solved at one stage and there can be a growth in the companies.At that time the question arises, Will the employees who have been sacked now will get their jobs back? Definitely the answer will be a big “NO”..

According to the reports, there might be more cut-off in jobs in due course.The Sun Micro Systems has announced this in San Francisco, saying that 18 percent of the jobs globally will be slashed in future as a part of cost cutting strategy.


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