Obama appoints fourth Indian as his team mate


The First Afro-American President Barack Obama has started to find his colleagues and of 15 high profile people, four of them are Indians.As three has been already appointed namely, Sonal Shah,Nichols Rathode,Preeta Bansal, the fourth and the latest one is Anjan-Mukherjee an expert in the Indian-American management.Mukherjee who is, Managing director of the private equity corporation at black stone has been appointed as one of the team leads in the Economics and International Trade of Obama’s team mates.Obama have already said that he knows many Indian people and as a lead to that he finds his colleagues as Indians as they are the efficient people in economics.

Anjan Mukherjee was a graduate in BA from Harvard University and did MBA in the same university.He was working for Thomson.H.Lee and Morgan H.Stanley companies.With his expertise in economic side Obama has chosen him rightly.The 44th US President will come into seat by January 20,2009 and everything will be a change from then on for Unites States of America.


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