Indian Flag in moon-Chandrayaan a success


Yesterday evening 8.31 pm the moon impact probe has been launched down into the moon.India has proved that it is becoming a super power.It is a wonderful moment for Indian Scientists, it is the time for Indians and Indian scientists to cherish.I m really proud to be an Indian.

As India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-I has been launced on October 22nd,2008 and sent to the moon’s orbit through PSLV-C 11 rocket it has been successed continously.On november 8th the satellite went into the orbit of moon.So finally on November 11 it was completely came into the orbit of moon.

After this, another milestone has been achieved.The Scientists from Bangalore has operated the satellite and launched a moon impact probe on moon for research purpose.It made the Indian Flag to be pitted on the surface of the moon.The moon impact contains the sophisticated camera,Radar,Mass spectrometer.It weighs 29 kgs.

India is the fourth nation to make the Indian flag into the surface of the moon.After Russia,America,Europian nation,it is India to do this.The Isro scientists has announced that this is for the Indian Childrens,Since it has been done on the Children’s day.

India has started to give alarms to the developed countries that it is coming to join with them.There might be more missions in future and the next could be the mission on mars.Hope that will happen soon.


One thought on “Indian Flag in moon-Chandrayaan a success”

  1. This picture is a disgrace to the Marine Corp and the memory of those who fought and died on Iwo Jima! UNSAT

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