Vaaranam Aayiram movie review


Waste. Worst .Sathiyama kevalama irruku. Zero rating.

Cannot say anything about the movie since the story and the screen play is the worst ever and gautham menon’s biggest failure.The Actor surya’s long wait and hardwork has went into vain.The much expected movie didnot fill the expectations of the audiences and it was below the rate of an ordinary film.First half of the film is slow and the Second half  is  much slower than the first half.”Semma Mokkai”.. Dont waste your money.

Surya in this film playing two roles.The music is the only plus point for the film.Apart from music Surya’s committment.The songs are beautiful especially nenjukul peithidum maamazahi song, was fantastic.According to the talks, the film is a sit-off and people can watch only once.More than once will make you to sleep.Vaaranam aayiram—The whole film is like a sleeping pill.

Do not waste your money.Instead of getting tickets better go get an audio cd of the film and listen to the songs.Orelse download the songs and listen to it.Thats it about the review.The film deserves a negative mark.

I feel sorry for both Gautham menon and Surya.Their combination has failed.


2 thoughts on “Vaaranam Aayiram movie review”

  1. Come on man all the movies cant be in the same trend …..There must be some change…….Gautham cant take same kinda movie always
    …i think i wud apperciate wat ever they hav done in the movie…. movie seems to good wen compared to recent movies Dasavatharam n kuselan ……..
    n music Harris not wrds to he always rocks …..

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