Clash between Hindustan College students

It was a brutal clash between the Law college students day before yesterday.Immediately after the next day of it, there was another students clash in Hindustan University.Three students were injured in the brawl and police took control inside the campus today.The problem started at the mess.

The Students of other state complained about the food saying that Beef has been added to the food.Agitation started from there on.The students approached the mess manager and started to make complaints about the food.As it was happening someone ignited the clash and at night, the brawl started.The hostel doors were knocked on and the night became a battle field.Three students were injured and among them one is critical and admitted in Chettinad hospital which is nearby to the college.College has announced an indefinite leave and the students vacated the hostel.Hindustan college which was recently changed their status as Deemed University has got their first problem of the academic year.This is not the first time problem occuring in Hindustan College, every year something happens over there.I m saying this because I’m an alumunus of this college.During my college days every year some problem occurs and main issue will be ragging.According to me the clash happened now is a simple one and many happened during my college days.But everything will be in out of college campus so college will be in such a situation, cannot able to take any action against the students involved in it.But now it has happened inside the college and I’m sure that the administration will take severe action against the students who involved in the clash.College is a place to learn for your future and to involve in anti social activities.Some might think that when you beat some one you become strong infront of others in the society.Just layoff all those things.When you finish your college life after four years term you will not be considered as the strong one since your future will be a question mark.Make yourself to be strong in studies and other curricular activities and you will definitely feel the difference.I appeal to the students of Hindustan college not to utter in such anti-social activities since it will affect your life.I learned a lot inside this campus and even learning a lot still.So students, behave like students and not like rogues.You are in  such a institution where you can have a bright future in your academic side.Go and ask other students in nearby colleges, you will definitely know where hindustan stands when compared to other colleges…

Students are students, come to the outside world, you will know what is life..


5 thoughts on “Clash between Hindustan College students”

  1. dei… i will tolerate everything u said… but that part” everyone should study and be strong in cultural activities” .. konjam over da…. namma enna pannoem gnabagam irukka college`la…namma culturals`ae nadathala 🙂

  2. Dai wats tis 2 much ,3 much,4 much, think how v were in college days… …. But the advice u told ,I cant tolerate…

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