Ganguly did captaincy for 10 minutes in his last match


The Veteran Cricketer Sourav Ganguly(DADA) retired yesterday from the international cricket.The great player was honoured by all his team mates and senior cricketers.Really his last match would be a great one since it was a victory for India.Apart from all, Ganguly was asked to do Captaincy for the last wicket and it lasted for 10 minutes.

Dhoni asked him to do captaincy and Ganguly was made as a captain for the last wicket.We were able to see the the aggresive DADA in the field as he was a Captain before.He was making field adjustments and bowling change and showed a lot of characteristic as a captain.But it lasted only for 5 overs and the last wicket fell at 209.When asked about this to DADA, he said that he wont forget his last five minutes as captain and enjoyed the period.He thanked Dhoni for honouring him.It was a big celebration in the dressing room as it was DADA’s last day with his team mates.It will be really hard to fill the spaces of Ganguly and Kumble in the team.

But this is not the end.DADA will be back in IPL.So still some cricketing career is left behind him.


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