Tata sends its employees to home with unpaid leave

The economic slowdown finally started to hit the India as well.There were layoffs in all the companies and many companies went on with a cost cutting strategies.This year’s industrial growth has been slowed down and because of the down in the sensex, the companies felt the heat.

When you turn the newspaper pages to the business column you can regularly read the Layoffs to the workers.But Tata motors has decided to go on with a different cost cutting strategy.They send many employees to home in a unpaid leave.The employees are forced to do this and they are home and will not be paid for their leave.The decision made by the Tata made the other industrial partners to get shocked since Tata is also facing the crisis.In the recent meeting between the Prime Minister of India and the Industrialists,it has been said that there wont be any layoffs from now on.I think inorder to make their words in safe, the Tata have decided to send the employees on leave instead of sacking them.It is said that when the business requirements are there, the employees will be called back.Whatever might be, the affected ones are the middle class people who depend on their monthly salary.The government should mend the industrial regulations regarding the layoffs.

It is just a matter of days to bring the economy back, but with lots of people disheartened.


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