United States:Will it be a change or the same-Elections.

The campaigns are going to be end.No more public meetings, no more party work.United States is ready for its new President.The very long race for the Presidential position will be an end on Nov 4.The presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain were in full swing for the poll and now got ready for the polls.Either party workers really did their job and finally they too are waiting for the polls.According to recent surveys and polls conducted through online, the favourite for the president position is Obama and the margin level is a slight one.Either of them has the chance to win the poll.

Even world is expecting for the elcetions in United States since the election could be the solution for the global economic slow down.The anxiety among the investors can be pulled out since the elections makes sure about the economic strategies of the Party.Both the nominees are majorly focussing on bringing down the global economy and the recession in US prevailing. 

Both of them has different views on the recovery of the economic and whomever comes to power, their primary job is to bring up the economy and they will be tested with this.The United states people needs a change and many wants only the republican party to be in power.The Indian american community wants only the Obama to be the president.From the beginning Obama became popular because he is the first Black as presidential nominee.

So the change can come soon.


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