Viswanathan Anand becomes the World Champion in Chess

The Grand master in Chess, Viswanathan Anand now became the world Championship and retains the title.He played against the Russian Player Valdimir Kramnik.The final scores were 6.5-4.5.The Indian genius in Chess had a three points in lead which assured that the victory is for him.But the consecutive wins by Kramnik extended the game and finally Anand really has to use his skill to make a win against the Russian player.The world Champion said that he found difficult against Kramnik and his long time difficult player to defeat was Gary Kasporav.Now Anand has become the second player to beat Russian in the world championship after Bobby Fischer.Anand is the first chess player to hold wins in the three big formats of the game.

The Grand master won the game against Kraminik in the 24th move and that was a deadlock.Viswanathan Anand won the match solidly.

However this fellow will not be recognised much in India since we people love only cricket and none other games.This is really bad and will be bad precendent for our Future Indian Sprots. But now India is slowly recognisinig the players of other sports and the Indian government has started to focus on the Sports.Anand has to be the top most of Indian sports since he achieved many in Chess and added proud to India.Hope Anand will be felicitated in India in a grand style.Hats off world champion.


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