Wipro going to sack 5000 employees?

The global recession impacts all the organisations all around the world.In India the IT majors and banking sectors got affected drastically.The recession in United States made the IT majors in India to be ill since most of the software exports to US is from India.Apart from everything the companies are holding a strategy of reducing their cost to company in all possible ways.Even many companies are firing their employees as a part of their cost reducing.

Most of the major companies and IT giants are doing this.All because of this the rumours also started to while away among the employees.Now it has been hit the Wipro employees.The employees were on the edge of their seat when they got a false alarm that Wipro is going to sack 5000 employees.The pink slip will be given immediately and everyone had a butterfly flying the stomach.But actually that was a rumour.The employees were checking their mails regularly for any mails regarding their pink slip.But none happened.Wipro has recently announced its quarter net profit and it was better than the previous one.So the rumours after this really created the chaos among the employees.After the recession fears, it is the anxiety among the employees working in the ITcompanies about their layoffs.Even my friend’s brother is working in Wipro.It seems that he has requested for one day leave to celebrate Diwali with his family.The only reply given to him was,”You want one day leave or a complete leave from Wipro”. So it is obvious that company it considereing in reducing the number of employees.Better be careful..


9 thoughts on “Wipro going to sack 5000 employees?”

  1. You are not sure what is happening. couple of guys from my team got axed. Talk to employees before posting such news.

  2. Hey, that was posted nearly some two months back..So its not been updated yet.. I ll do that updation soon.. i feel sorry for your friends.Hope you will stick to your job tightly.All the best!!!

  3. i am one of it , they are smartly asking for resignation . they are not offcially firing people. i dont know whats the difference in Job termination and Resignation. I believe they want to avoid news and compensation if employees resign on their own, any comment here?

    Also looks like people are called back from onsite and fired , looks like they want all freshers and cut costs and give crap quality to customers

  4. so many things are happening –

    – Firing at all level but top
    – Pay cut at all level but top
    – Extra workload at all level but top

    And, believe me the reason of the situation is

    – Just top Management..

    Top management has become so greedy that they are ready to do anything to get money….They are bunch of stupid people, who have never learned from their past mistakes…Very recently Wipro had hedged (@42 per USD) a lot of USD by assuming that dollar will go down further..and guess what Dollar is in range of 48-51 from last 4-5 months so they are earning huge Loss because of decision made by top management…

    Last time in 2001 when similar kind of slow down was seen (More of IT slowdown) Wipro was the only company, which fired arnd 2K employees out of 10K total and when slowdown was over,, attrition rate was always above 20% while salaries were going up almost 10%…

    I can’t believe that such kind of people are staying at that level…

    and they says that they are reducing the fat from the system than I ask this top management “What the heck they were doing so far when that fat was earning them a lot of USDs in good time?”

    One thing is for sure that Wipro kind of companies are not good for the people, who really wants to have better future prospects….This company really sucks and doesn’t deserve to live anymore…

    I myself is from Wipro and hate to say that “I am feeling so disgusted being a Wiproite”. Well, later than never, I am looking for outside job oppurtunities and will leave this shit company ASAP.

    Also, I am trying to find possible ways to list down these Indian IT companies and tell truth to whole world..

    I feel very sorry for the people, who are losing jobs but at the same time will urge them to be Enterpreneur …start their own business, or may be join some startup with low salaries for the time being…just don’t lose the Hope…

    To all current employees “You better start planning your carreer otherwise you will be in the red zone just because you are senior”….

    Good Luck & Best Wishes…

    P.S – If possible, please publish this to all the possible places….

  5. I am wiprote lost my job it really bad they treated to me i begged but not use, Sherya Sinha the wrost HR do not even know how to respect the employees it really bad for me lost job with loan i have to pay i am in bad situtaion trusted wipro lot before and they throwed me out now…

  6. I’m a employee of this co. myself. I know 2-3 ppl who have been asked to sign resignation ltr forcefully. I have heard that many more ppl (this number is huge) have been asked to leave co. in last six months. I’m not sure if they are given any compensation or not? But I have heard that the way these removals have been handled was really bad. Ppl are really worried about security their job in this co. I agree with one of the comment that co. is mercilessly removing the ppl.

  7. Hey ,

    Just want to pass a very strong hatred towards this company Wipro. I have been in this company for almost 5 years now and tiered of being here already. Foul play is one of the easiest way to explain this company’s policies. Managers seem to be goondas and don’t seem to show any kind of maturity or professionalism. Unfortunate that recesion seem to have hit us so hard and the need of the hour is to keep head down and our mouth shut. I am hoping that we will come out of this recession and would be able to get the hell out. I am serious if you or your friends/relatives want to join an organization which is no way organized, think twice! Don’t make your choice only by money, but by the values of the company. You can find all that you cannot elsewhere regionalism, secularism, castism, subcastism…. etc you name it and you will be able to co-relate one or the other incident in this company. I am not exaggerating, but is a fact. Immaturity and incompetence in the senior management are the two major problems of this organization. I suggest you make right choices in your career by choosing a right organization, as one wrong move can spoil your entire career and leaves you in very damaged position for the rest of your career.

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