LTTE aircrafts strikes Colombo airbase.

The Srilankan army is furious to capture the LTTE regions and the strike continue’s till date.Many Srilankan Tamils have been brutally killed and many have been evacuated from their hometowns and living as a refugee in their mother land.Many protests were made in TamilNadu against these attacks and the TamilNadu Government conducted a human chain against this issue.

According to the Srilankan Army reports,the Srilankan army has captured most of the LTTE regions and they are moving ahead to eradicate LTTE completely.The Pressure given from India reflected and the Srilankan President assured that the war will be a zero civilian kill war.

After all these, tuesday midnight, there was an unidentified flying object intruded into the Srilankan regiment and attacked with the missiles in Colombo.The bombs were poured on and from Srilanka side anti-aircraft missiles were kept on moving.The Srilankan army said that it was a LTTE air strike and the Colombo air base has been attacked.The Srilankan air force followed the UFO to capture it.A search out for the air craft has been ordered.Till now no casualities has been reported officially.

This is the eighth time the LTTE strikes through air in Srilanka, since they started the VaanPuligal(Air Tigers).More attacks could expected and  all over Srilanka security alert has been beefed up.In order to reply to this attack Srilankan airfoce can go on with strong attack on LTTE regions.


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