Indian Markets rebounds to 9000 marks-Muhurat Trading

It was really a blood bath situation yesterday when the sensex went down below 8000 mark.But at the end of the trading the sensex somehow managed to stay alive by marking it around 8000 points.Today on Diwali,the markets were open in the evening for one hour and it was in green.The sensex gained points hugely and the Sensex went up to cross 9000 mark.It was really a cheerful diwali as the markets gained some points.For the past one week sensex lost its points drastically and nearly went to a huge crash.

This is infact because of the gain in overall markets.Even the US markets rebounds and has gained the points in today’s trading.The recession fear within the investors has been brought down since the Federal reserve comittee has announced that there will be a further cut in interest rates.Moreover the Japanese,Germany,London markets gained the points and as a result the global markets gained points.However the one hour trading in India cannot make a big difference.The real face will be known only by the opening of markets tommorrow.The dollar dropped against Euro and gained against the yen.I think this will be the initiative for the gradual recovery for the markets and hopefully everything goes well from now on..



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