Motorola next version..


The next version of Motorola mobile has been launched and it is pretty handy to look upon.The most astonishing feature is its style.

After a flood of touchscreen launches in India this year, which includes Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Omnia and BlackBerry Bold, US-based cell phone maker Motorola is out with its GPS-enabled touchscreen device, MOTOMING A 1600, in India. 

Packing a host of multimedia features, the sleek A1600 which comes with a transparent flip cover is Motorola’s challenge to other touchscreen smartphones available in the market. 

And to add to the festive spark, the phone pleases buyers on the pricing front too. Here’s looking into the features.

Motorola’s touchscreen phone is GPS-enabled offering navigation maps and landmarks of 30 cities. The phone has satellite based GPS which offers users lifetime free GPS navigation maps. 

The phone also offers voice-guided navigation and location based reminders across major national and state highways. 

The phone supports turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation, and easy search of points-of-interest like hotels, colleges, petrol pumps, airports, railway stations, cinemas and tourist attractions. It also provides coverage across national and state highways in India. 

According to Motorola MobileDevices India and South West AsiaLloyd Mathias, the phone is Motorola’s first GPS-enabled mobile phone. He added that the navigation service is free with no activation charges, independent of mobile networks and can be used even without inserting the SIM card.


One thought on “Motorola next version..”

  1. This is a great phone. The A1200 was a real work-horse, even as a business phone. The Motoming seems to have been somewhat underrated series of phones, but is widely believed to be one of the inspirations for the iphone.

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